Touch Physics Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Touch Physics
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4 out of 5


  • Great style and soundtrack.
  • Non linear level design.
  • Object drawing works great.


  • Too challenging too early.
  • Physics system can glitch at times.


Don't let Touch Physics' appearance fool you, there is a pretty substantial challenge underlying the crayons and pretty colours and with 50 levels to sink your teeth into it's defintately worth checking out.

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Physics based puzzle games have been one of many recent subgenres made popular by the power of the iPhone. While many offer a more complex and in depth experience, Gamez 4 Touch have gone for a simpler style than most with their title Touch Physics.

Touch Physics is unique in its approach towards puzzle solving, the simple design allows you to grasp the concept straight away without the need for tutorials and instructions. The basic aim is to collect the star placed in each level, which is achieved by drawing a path of different sized and shaped objects. To draw an object you simply use your finger and draw it on the screen which immediately realises itself within the level. This allows players to use their imagination and intuitiveness to beat each level rather than having to follow a strict set of guidelines.

This minimalist approach to game design is complemented by a simple, almost child like visual style. Objects appear as if they were drawn in using brightly coloured crayons set on simple monotone backdrops. This keeps the screen from appearing cluttered even when multiple objects are on screen. One the highlights however is the excellent accoustic theme which loops during each level but is never annoying, in fact it's incredibly relaxing.

Without even mentioning other features like the ability to change the effects gravity and force, Touch Physics is a great puzzle game with an ever increasing challenge spread over 50 levels.


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