Sneezies Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Pick up and play mechanics.
  • Beautiful artwork; OpenFeint support.
  • 3.0 iTunes playlists.


  • Less "puzzle" more "chance".
  • Multiple gameplay modes are only minor variations.


If you're after a relaxing challenge or just something to waste some time, Sneezies is a great way to do it. The peaceful gameplay is a refreshing change from the more fast-paced alternatives.

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Sneezies - Chain Reaction by Chillingo Ltd is a bubble popping arcade puzzle game with a difference - instead of lining up bubbles to pop, you let the Sneezies do the work for you with a single touch. It's another beautiful and relaxing game from one of the world's leading iPhone game publishers and it's a fun addition to anyone's collection.

Your aim is to drop a single explosion of sneezing powder on the the screen which will set of a chain reaction of sneezes, hopefully freeing and clearing the screen. This only requires a single touch, though in later levels the random pattern in which the Sneezies float can make chain reactions extremely hard to create.

In typical Chillingo style, the graphics are cartoony, but beautifully animated. The Sneezies are cute and the special effects are a joy to watch as the chain reaction spreads a rainbow of powder across the screen. 3.0 OS support for iTunes playlists makes it well worth sitting down and enjoying on your breaks, but the in game music is a fairly dreamy relaxing mix that's easy to enjoy while playing.

There's an element of luck in completing levels and scoring high, especially in the challenge modes, but if you feel the need to share your success OpenFeint is supported. Sneezies - Chain Reaction isn't a particularly challenging arcade puzzle game, but it's more about enjoying the simple rewards of a single touch than it is about high-scores.


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