Wild Wild Train Review

By , on July 31, 2009

Wild Wild Train
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4 out of 5


  • Excellent artwork.
  • Quick and responsive controls.


  • Music is limited.
  • Difficulty significantly increases early on.


There's a kind of beauty in managing to solve a puzzle while your trains are running at full-tilt around a track, yet manage to miss each other (if only barely). Wild Wild Train is almost a love-song to the model train hobby.

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Model train hobbyists would understand that there's a certain poetry to getting their trains to run on time. In particular, getting all of the trains on their stretch of track to smoothly and without delay manage complex paths without creating collisions is sometimes frighteningly hard. This is where Wild Wild Train by Promo Ideas steps in and creates a puzzle game that by its very nature will always be harder than it looks.

Managing your trains involves several steps; Firstly you can control the individual speed of trains on the track by selecting them and dragging a bar to adjust how fast they go; Secondly you need to switch the direction a train takes by flipping switches on the tracks; And lastly, if you can do all of this while picking up color coded cargoes, avoiding or rescuing damsels tied up on the track and avoiding bombs that are nefariously laid down, then you can move on to the next dastardly challenge.

Each of the levels are colorful and vibrant, though fairly similar in design, but the attention to detail in their layout that matches a hobbyist's table-top creation. Puzzle elements are easily identifiable for quick selection, though the fillagreed buttons in the menu can be slightly confusing at times.

Wild Wild Train is a complex and unique puzzle game that quickly challenges players to think quickly and act even quicker. Puzzle enthusiasts should definitely add this to their collection.


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