Angry Birds Review

By , on December 18, 2009

AB Classic
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4 out of 5


  • Lots of levels in three different areas to conquer.
  • Fun 2D cartoon art and animations.


  • Trajectories left by previous shots don't necessarily help much.


 As a child you may remember how fun it was to build with blocks and watch them tumble apart or the thrill of kicking apart your sand-castles. There's fun inherent in destruction so Angry Birds will always be appealing to some.

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Angry Birds is the kind of physics sim come castle demolisher that follows on from games like Crush the Castle. may not have evolved the game too much, but smashing the defenses of your sworn enemy can be fun even if things do require a bit too much trial and error.

Birds are launched at your foes via a slingshot you control simply through drag gestures. You can scroll the screen via dragging, but this is most useful after your first shot to follow the line of trajectory left in the wake of your last "missile". Despite leaving a trajectory, it's hard to replicate shots you've made and due to the nature of physics simulators even a hair's width of difference can result in an unpredictable result.

This throws strategy out the window for all but the most basic of plans. Thankfully the destruction is a joy to watch and experience, so even if you can't get that perfect shot you're almost always guaranteed an amusing result. Angry Birds uses a simple, clean style of art with amusing animations for the birds, pigs and the destruction that occurs around them.

There are 63 levels to quickly plow through and enjoy, but it would have been nice if players could craft and share their own levels to give the game a bit more longevity. Angry Birds has a lot of character and is a fun and simple game to enjoy, but it may only strongly appeal to physics junkies or casual gamers after a quick time-waster.


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