Need for Speed Shift Review

By , on January 22, 2010

Need for Speed Shift
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5 out of 5


  • Stunning graphics and gameplay.
  • Multiple difficulty modes for hardcore and casual fans.


  • Only local play, no online multiplayer.
  • DLC would have made sense for a product this solid.


Need for Speed Shift will literally surprise you with its combination of major console style graphics and blisteringly fast and fun gameplay.

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It's hard to put some prejudices behind and while racing games are generally fun, they also lack a lot of energy and feel like they're entirely interchangeable. Thankfully the cure to this lethargy is simple as Need for Speed Shift isn't just fast and furious, it's so good you'll be smiling in 60 seconds.

One of the first solid features of the game revolves around your chosen difficulty settings. Depending on your selection features like auto-braking, steering assist, auto transmission and even a graphical racing line (with brake indicators) on the track are available. Steering is tilt controlled and can be adjusted to a sensitivity that suits you for drifting lazily around corners.

The graphics have to be seen to be believed. Loading times are blisteringly fast compared to rival games seen on the Sony Playstation 2. Tracks are deceptively simple in their design, but slick texturing and composition add a lot of depth while you're blasting to first place. With 20 cars to choose from and upgrade, there's a lot to enjoy while achievements, driver skill levels and points based on your driving style let you play the game your way. And if you must, you can even customize cars to your visual liking.

From the slick interface to the beautifully smooth graphics, Shift is a class act that follows through on gameplay 100%. Casual gamers will get a kick out the easy mode, while hardcore fans can appreciate the tight racing sim features and varied game modes. Definitely a must play.


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