X-Plane Extreme Review

By , on July 1, 2009

X-Plane Extreme
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4 out of 5


  • Controls are fantastic.
  • 3D graphics look great.
  • Loads of features.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Camera can be annoying.


Fans of flying should find something to like in X-Plane Extreme. It combines a great mix of sim features with enough understandable terms to keep you from being overwhelmed.

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The X-Plane series for iPhone has always offered a top quality flying experience. Like its predecessors, X-Plane Extreme delivers once again however this time with long awaited addition of combat aircraft.

As with other X-Plane titles, X-Plane Extreme takes full advantage of the iPhones built in accelerometers for its flight controls. As you would expect, tiliting the iPhone up and down controls pitch and yaw while tilting left and right control steering. This scheme works perfectly and allows for extremely sensitive controlling, which compliments the game's focus on simulation. Several cockpit functions are also under your control, such as braking, managing the landing gear and adjusting the flap.

X-Plane looks fantastic as well. The vast landscape is rendered in high quality 3D including an impressive draw distance for an iPhone game. Each of the 6 planes are modeled after their real life counterparts and offer their own distinctive engine sounds as well. With a focus on long distance flights, it's nice to see the option to play your own music.

X-Plane is the closest thing to sim flying on the iPhone. It takes the thrill of piloting these aircraft and compacts it into a 4 by 2 inch screen, which is a testamont to the devlopers.


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