Stand O’Food® (Full) Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Stand O’Food®  (Full)
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3 out of 5


  • Crisp art direction.
  • Unique mix of gameplay.


  • Brutally challenging for many players.


Casual players may still get a good kick out of Stand O' Food simply because it's a well designed and fun app, but may feel somewhat disappointed that they're penalised for enjoying either the puzzles or the time management instead of both.

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Stand O'Food by G5 Entertainment attempts to mesh puzzle gaming with the popular time management genre, but ultimately feels like it comes off as second-rate for each instead of the unique genre it tries to create. It's an unforgiving game in terms of difficulty, but if you're having fun you might just let it slide while you whip up your latest food sensation.

The game is driven entirely by touch controls to select ingredients in order, adding sauces or putting your creation in a box if your burger turns out to be a sin against nature. There are concessions to the difficulty of the game, with a crane becoming available to select ingredients regardless of their position in the queue, but it's often short lived and can come back to bite you soon after.

One thing that stands out above all else is the crisp design of the game which makes identification of ingredients and the customer's needs very easy. Gameplay is limited to either an arcade mode or a single-player offering that unlocks new sandwiches and upgrades for your store.

What starts out as a genuinely interesting time management game eventually becomes a puzzle that has no pity for players. This firmly places the game in the court of puzzle lovers, but the gameplay may not be to their taste, with points lost simply because they weren't fast enough. It's still a great game to play and if you're after a serious challenge, look no further.


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