Bloons Review

By , on July 1, 2009

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3 out of 5


  • Plenty of packaged levels
  • Fun physics puzzle style.
  • Custom level editor.


  • Control can be difficult.


Bloons is a great puzzle game that can get frustrating. It's worth it for puzzle fans and worth pondering for everyone else.

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If you asked a monkey to throw a limited amount of sharp darts at a bunch of tethered balloons and scored him based on how many he managed to pop, you'd probably look a little mad. But if you buy Bloons by Digital Goldfish you can live out that dream in all of its puzzle based glory; or if it's not your dream, you can at least enjoy the plethora of clever puzzles within.

The control is simple, with players draging their finger to set the power and angle of their shots. Annoyingly, the power of these shots are somewhat unpredictable but there is a marker left to allow players to judge their next shot based on their previous one. For a game reliant on its accuracy, it's a bit worrying that you have so little control over the actions of your dart throwing simian.

Bloons is fairly basic in design, using cartoony graphics for the puzzles and a cheerful soundtrack. The game initially comes with 150 different levels to play through and includes options to play levels with unlimited darts to practice them. This is a bit of a woeful concession given the lack of predictable shots, but it does allow you to build up your skills.

This is definitely a fun little puzzle game, but the controls really do detract from an otherwise great little physics puzzle game. It's certainly not a deal breaker as the gameplay is addictive, but it is worth keeping in mind for puzzle lovers after a new challenge.


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