Touch Magic Review

By , on August 10, 2009

Touch Magic
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3 out of 5


  • Unique gameplay.
  • Challenging.
  • 2 modes cater to everyone.


  • No custom music.
  • Limited number of objects.


Touch Magic is a hard game to define, while it is definitely a puzzle game, its style of gameplay is entirely unique to genre. Anyone looking for a fun new time waster should definitely check this game out.

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Captilising on the iPhone's strong ability to render 3D environments, ClickGamers's approach to puzzle solving will make you think like no other puzzle game has before.

The goal of Touch Magic is to re-assemble a jumbled object by arranging each pixel to re-form it. Each object is arranged on a 3D plane so that from one perspective it looks correct and from another it looks like a pixelated mess. At the start of each round you are shown what the object looks like, for example, a picture of a butterfly, at which point the games perspective is shifted.

You have to realign the object by turning the games perspective until each pixel is back in place.  Shifing the perspective involves no more than dragging around the screen with one finger.  There are 2 modes to choose from, Time Attack and Meditate. Time Attack has you solving puzzles in a race against the clock, the goal being to last for as long as you can until your time runs out. Meditate removes the clock and simply allows you to solve at your leisure.

Touch Magic has a very retro feel to it. Its style and sounds compliment the games simple nature. Unfortunately listening to your own music isn't an option but there is some nicely made music to keep you upbeat and playing.

This type of game is unique to the iPhone and it's a fun and refreshing take on puzzle solving. It offers a challenge to puzzle fanatics yet is easy enough to be picked up and enjoyed by anyone.


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