Tipoli Review

By , on January 8, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Challenging physics based puzzle gameplay.
  • iPod access available to players.
  • A solid number of levels to play through.


  • While there is an online community area, there aren’t any leaderboards.
  • The game’s sound is very minimal.
  • Not a whole lot of replay value once the game is finished.


If you enjoy losing yourself in physics based puzzle games then Tipoli is a worthwhile purchase that you should check out.

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Tipoli is a charming and quirky puzzle game where players take control of Mint and Periwinkle, two small creatures who are bound together by love - Awwwww. Players must guide these two to the large love heart in each level but they must work together in order to do so.

Periwinkle is able to cling onto surfaces, while Mint is able to bounce off surfaces. By tapping the screen you can swap them and are able to ‘walk’ along each level. The game relies heavily on the physics based mechanics and players can use this to their advantage to gain momentum and then bounce off a ledge to make a jump for example. You'll also need to calculate and time your moves carefully as it's quite easy to make a mistake and fly off the edge of a stage.

The game’s visuals are very soft and tranquil, giving the game a warm, fuzzy atmosphere. The sound is also quite relaxing, but players have the option to use their iPod during gameplay. There is one main game mode but players are free to share their thoughts or experiences in the Tipoli community area.

For fans of simple physics games, Tipoli is definitely worth a look at. The game starts off deceptively simple to get players used to the game mechanics but the difficulty soon elevates and things become a lot more complex.  So if you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable game to play, then Tipoli is a solid choice.


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