Arachnadoodle Review

By , on December 18, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • The silly visuals and sound give the game a lot of personality and charm.
  • Players can submit and track highscores online via OpenFeint.
  • The game has plenty of levels and replay value to keep players busy.


  • You might hit a difficulty wall every now and then as some levels can be incredibly challenging.
  • Players cannot continue levels mid game if they exit the application.


If you like fun, quick play games then Arachnadoodle is a great purchase and well worth the current price.

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Arachnadoodle is a quirky puzzle game that allows players the chance to live out any life long dreams to be an arachnid. You play as a goofy little spider who must build a web using the small pins in each level as a frame in order to catch the oncoming waves of flies. You must complete your web by using all of the pins or else you risk losing your lunch and ending the game.

Players jump around madly to spin their web by tapping and dragging out a direction they want the spider to jump. You’ll need to build the strongest web possible by linking each pin to as many other pins as you can with the limited amount of jumps you have. There are also a ton of different score multipliers and power-ups featured in the game, all of which can change the action quite dramatically.

The game has a ton of personality thanks to the well designed, oddball visuals. The sound design also plays a big part in the game’s charm and offers players iPod access during gameplay as well. The game does offer players one main mode of around 36 levels, but highscores can be submitted online via OpenFeint access.

Arachnadoodle is a surprisingly addictive little title that puzzle fans will love. The required balance between hitting all the pins and making the strongest web possible makes the gameplay really enjoyable. You might get stuck or have to compromise your highscore in order to pass some harder levels but if you’re up for the challenge, you won’t regret your purchase.


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