Surviving High School Paid Review

By , on December 18, 2009

Surviving High School Paid
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4 out of 5


  • Great opportunity for re-playability due to numerous options.
  • Offers great entertainment value.
  • Player is able to save progress.


  • Players must pay for additional episodes.
  • Player can only choose to be male.


Surviving high school is a light, fun and interactive game which although it feels a little short, still offers the player an excellent degree of entertainment and is excellent value for money for those who are looking for something a little different.

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Ever wondered what your high school life might have been like if you had done things differently? Did you ever want to be the jock, the nerd, the popular guy or the outsider? Well until a time machine is created...this is the next best thing. Surviving high school is a text based adventure game where you play the new kid in high school whose fate is crafted by the decisions you make.

The game plays out like a TV show with each level being an 'episode' in your high school life. Players will encounter situations where they must make decisions based on a series of answers which in turn directly affect their popularity, strength, knowledge and appeal with other characters in the game. There are several “race against the clock” type mini games throughout the story as well where the player needs to gain enough points within the time limit to score bonus attributes to their personality.

The game is nicely laid out in the style of a comic book and is well polished. The interface is easy to use although players at times might find their fingers a bit too big to push buttons in the mini games which may become a bit frustrating. The game's soundtrack isn't overly impressive but is appropriate for the style of game. Players do have the option to play the game with or without sound or use their iTunes Library as music for the background.

Surviving high school is a game which is fun for anyone looking to take a quick trip down memory lane and relive or recreate the ups and downs of their high school days.


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