StickMan Rocks Review

By , on April 15, 2010

StickMan Rocks
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4 out of 5


  • All ages accessible gameplay.
  • Cute graphical style.


  • More variety above the 'ice' layer needed.
  • Why does everything want to kill me?


Like all good endless games, StickMan Rocks starts out simply enough and ends with you hitting the 'retry' button again and again... just beware the evil cute-leprechaun-bunnies.

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I'm not a fan of rock-climbing, but is it normal for wildlife to go completely berserk and attempt to make your life a living nightmare as you make your way to the summit? StickMan Rocks by InMotion Software will put you off the idea of taking up the hobby of rock-climbing, but at least you'll have a fun endless vertical climbing game to play.

As you make your ascent to the wild blue yonder, various beasties will attempt to befoul, poison, pummel or even maim you. Tilting allows you to move left or right to avoid most obstacles, while tapping and swiping will knock out or move other threats in your way. Besides the regular gameplay mode, a kids mode is available with infinite health to give younger gamers a fighting chance against the overwhelming odds.

No prizes are awarded for guessing that 'StickMan' is a good indicator for the art style, but InMotion have used a fleshed out cartoonish variation with lots of color. If you're good enough you'll eventually make it to an icy-themed area with characters changing appropriately for the new zone. There's no music to keep you occupied, but iTunes can be used for background music while the game's sound-effects play over the top.

StickMan Rocks is cute and charming to play with while random elements ramp up slowly enough to give you a challenge worth overcoming. A great endless vertical climber for the casual gamer and young at heart.


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