Shrek Kart™ Review

By , on October 15, 2009

Shrek Kart™
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Released: 12 Oct, 2009
  • Size: 158.7 MB
  • Price: $4.99
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4 out of 5


  • Lots of gameplay options.
  • Cleverly designed race-tracks.


  • Patchy framerate problems.
  • Controls aren't always responsive.


There's no denying that Shrek Kart brings the Mario Kart formula to the iPhone and does it well, but if it wasn't for the framerate problems it'd be almost perfect. Lots of fun and lots to do!

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Gameloft have been fairly synonymous with quality games on the iPhone and even if some of their games haven't excited you, it's hard to deny that they're good at emulating popular games. Shrek Kart is no different, taking the Mario Kart formula and producing a fun go-kart experience for you and your friends to enjoy on the iPhone.

Shrek and his pals are thrown around their whacky tracks through two different methods. Accelerometer tilt controls are the default for steering, but touch options are available to steer by touching the sides of the screen. Both methods aren't perfect, requiring some adjustment depending on the character you kart with.

Half of the kart control issues do come about as a result of the patchy frame rate. At times the game engine does struggle to keep up, so it's easy to plough off the track or in to a wall. The game world itself is colourful and fun, with each character rendered clearly. There are some clipping issues and on several levels it's hard to judge the direction to take.

Franchise tie-ins are usually something to be wary of, especially if the developer is forced to produce a game in a strict deadline. Shrek Kart does feel a bit unfinished and could have spent a bit more time buffing out the control and frame-rate issues, but it's still a great game that sticks to the "kart" formula and is recommended for anyone after a light-hearted racing experience.


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