Cookie Pop® Classic Review

By , on July 13, 2009

Cookie Pop® Classic
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4 out of 5


  • Quirky and bouncy visual style.
  • Plenty of different levels to keep you occupied.


  • Not much instruction given at first play; you need to go to instructions before you play.
  • The gameplay isn’t as diverse as some other puzzle games.
  • Fast reflex gameplay may not appeal to some people.


Cookie Pop Classic is worth the current price; but if Cookie Pops Classic is also available for free, then download Pops instead. It’s exactly the same as Cookie Pop Classic in every way and overall a great game.

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Cookie Pop Classic is a puzzle game where players must remove all blocks on the screen by using block patterns shown on the top of the screen. Players place these block patterns next to existing blocks to pop them and clear the level. Players must keep the levels clear and earn as many points as they can before the level timer ends.

Players place their blocks by tapping on the level squares on screen. They must follow the pattern given otherwise extra blocks will be added to the level. If there isn’t room to make the required shape, you can skip it and move on. The gameplay requires a lot of quick tapping and fast reflexes, which is always a challenge.

The visuals are very well done, level blocks take on different appearances and the menu animations are great. The sound is fun and fast paced and fits into the game style perfectly. This is a single player game, but highscores can be submitted to a global leaderboard system.

Cookie Pop Classic is a great puzzle game but the weirdest thing about it is its exact doppelganger, Cookie POPS Classic. Same developer, same menus, same levels, the same exact game, but offered for free instead. While this is a bit odd, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. This is still an addictive and eccentric game and would be a great addition to your iPhone collection, regardless of price.


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