BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! Review

By , on September 1, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Easy to use controls, for both left and right handed players.
  • The game’s visuals are really well done and look great.
  • Great and hilarious game story.


  • Gameplay is very repetitive and can become stale after a while.
  • Unlockable weapon ammo is very limited.
  • No online leaderboard options.


There are some great elements to Battle Bears, and with the certainty of future updates, hopefully some of its issues will be addressed. Regardless, this title is still worth the current price, especially if you are a fan of survival games.

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Battle Bears is a survival action game where players take control of Oliver, a brown teddy bear, who in his mission to secure gold and other goodies, has been stranded behind enemy lines and advanced upon by *gasp* pink huggy bears! Oliver must kill every bear in hopes of surviving until he is rescued. However, if Oliver cannot stop the incoming attack, he will surely be hugged to death.

You control Oliver’s gun by aiming using one thumb and shooting by tapping with the other thumb. You can also change to weapons you have unlocked by tapping the change weapon button in the top corner. The controls are easy to use and work well for both left and right handed players.

The fully 3D visuals look great and make for a lot of fun when you blast a bear’s head clean off its neck in a cloud of rainbow coloured blood. The sound is great and adds to the creepy cuteness of the game as you hear ‘Hug Me!’ get louder and louder as the bears approach. This is a single player game with a main story mode and a survival mode only.

This game is a fun play for fans of survival type games. The story is a ton of fun and the controls are easy to use. However, gameplay isn’t too diverse and can become repetitive after a while. Even with the unlocked weapons after each level, you’ll go back to using your standard gun most times due to a lack of ammo. Ultimately, Battle Bears is a fun casual play with enough content to keep you occupied, but don’t expect the type of game you can play for hours on end.


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