Fish Tycoon Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Fish Tycoon
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4 out of 5


  • The real time gameplay is very fun, and exciting to see what will happen next.
  • Simple to use controls and interface.
  • Game content is suitable for all ages.


  • Would have liked the sound options to work together with the iPod music.
  • No multiplayer or leaderboard options.
  • Some people may not enjoy the slower gameplay, or real time elements.


This is a fantastic game to have on your iPhone and is worth the current price, but if you’re not crazy about looking after fish, maybe try the lite version and see if it’s something you could get into.

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Fish Tycoon is a fish tank simulation where players feed, raise, breed and sell fish in order to unlock more tank items, rare fish eggs and eventually breed 7 rare and magical fish types. The game is a real time simulator, so the game will keep going when you stop playing, and over the span of a few hours, new fish will have grown and various other surprises will be waiting for you.

The game is controlled by selecting different options with your finger. You can feed your fish, shop for new items or give your fish items by tapping the buttons on the screen. You can also research fish, breed them or transfer them to your store front to make a profit by clicking and dragging fish into the isolation tank at the bottom of your screen.

The visuals are well done, and the fish are very detailed, especially those that are cross-breeded. The sound is good, but players cannot listen to their own iPod unless they turn the game sounds off. The game is single player only, with no leaderboard options or highscores. The game is solely about simulating and creating your own virtual fish tank.

Fish Tycoon is a great game, and a terrific addition to fans of Farmville and similar real time games. The gameplay is simple and the option to pick up and play at anytime makes this a lot of fun. As mentioned earlier, this game is very addictive, and if you can manage your gameplay time effectively, you will find a great experience here.


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