Spore™ Creatures Review

By , on January 28, 2010

Spore™ Creatures
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3 out of 5


  • The game is very well presented.
  • Casual gameplay that has wide appeal.


  • Gameplay quickly becomes repetitive.
  • Occasionally frustrating controls.


There is simply not enough depth in what could have been a great title. While not a bad game, it is too average to justify the price.

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Spore. The mere mention of this series instantly brings thoughts of crazy looking critters eating smaller, equally crazy looking critters. This version has hit the appstore, but has failed to evolve into something very interesting. The game has you doing familiar tasks of devouring things smaller than you to increase your DNA pool, allowing you to add more body parts and become a more complex organism. There are a number of other species to interact with. Either attack creatures to wipe them out and earn more body parts, or bring them gifts and they will give the parts to you. Some depth has been added in the form of boss fights, and areas that are blocked off until you evolve the needed ability to pass.

Control your creature by tilting the iPhone. You can also push and pull objects like rocks and gems, which you will need to do in order to complete certain environmental puzzles. The controls work well, although it can be difficult to get your creature to stand still.

The visuals are varied, detailed and look superb, however framerates can suffer a little as a result. The ambient sound effects are very nice, and though there is no in game music, you can use your iPod.

The novelty of tilting your creature into smaller ones soon wears off, meaning the most interesting part of the game is the creature creator. There are millions of combinations to create, and you can have some quite quirky looking species. However, it is hard to justify buying the game for just this feature.


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