Crazy Turkey Blast Review

By , on January 29, 2010

Crazy Turkey Blast
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3 out of 5


  • Simple, mindless fun.
  • A plethora of unlockable content providing some form of reward.
  • Online bragging and gifting capabilities.


  • Overly repetitive gameplay
  • No challenge to be had


Crazy Turkey Blast is a simple arcade shooter relying on unlockable content to overcome shallow and repetitive gameplay.

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If you’ve ever wanted to stand in the middle of a field and shoot turkeys, then Crazy Turkey Blast might be right up your alley. Crazy Turkey Blast is a simple, arcade style point and shoot game where the player simply moves the crosshair around the viewport shooting turkeys as they walk by.

The game is controlled by rotating the iPhone in the direction you wish to look and tapping the screen to shoot turkeys.  The more turkeys the player shoots, the higher the multiplier they receive and the more coins they earn. Earning coins appears to be the game’s only appeal as there are a multitude of bonuses to unlock varying from different types of weapons and backgrounds, to even being able to unlock small animations to view.

The visuals are simple and cartoony and as mentioned previously, all the visuals from the trees to the turkeys can be changed when the player earns enough coins. The game’s audio is well suited providing appropriate sound effects and enough “gobbles” from turkeys to drive you crazy. Again, even background audio is another unlockable option. With access to the Plus+ network and the ability to “brag” to friends through either Twitter or e-mail, you can show everyone you know just how dedicated you are to shooting turkeys or even send them gifts of unlockable content.

Crazy Turkey Blast is a simple repetitive game designed for those who simply love to unlock special content. For everyone else, there’s very little there to hold your attention.


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