The Raging Dead Review

By , on January 28, 2010

The Raging Dead
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2 out of 5


  • Original and unique game concept.
  • iPod access during gameplay.


  • Repetitive and lacklustre gameplay.
  • Small scale, simple visuals.
  • The control’s touch sensitivity can be a bit off at times.


The Raging Dead boasts a strong concept but some of its creative decisions tend to hold it back from being a great game.

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Oh no! The undead have risen and have begun to devour the living… again. It’s up to you to protect the city the only way you can, by dropping large bombs from the sky. The Raging Dead puts players in control of a somewhat mysterious airborne arsenal of destruction as they must stop the zombie infection from spreading and wiping out the city population.

Players scan over the city and its normal blue dot inhabitants and must identify small red dots as zombies. To kill the zombies, players use both bombs and machine guns; both used by tapping on the screen. Once players rid the city of zombies, they can use points earned to upgrade their weapon’s power and accuracy. The controls are simple but at times the touch sensitivity and accuracy may be a bit off, causing you to miss a shot.

The game’s visuals are a bit disappointing, and the small scale dots can sometimes become lost in the large city. The sound is moderate but players may want to take advantage of the iPod access during gameplay. The game features one main mode but a number of medals and awards can be unlocked.

While the title sets up for some big undead killing mayhem, this is sadly not the case. The game is certainly a unique and fresh addition to the hoard of zombie games available but the gameplay itself seems lacklustre and uninspiring. The small scale visuals seem to dwarf the cool concept and make The Raging Dead a short and moderate play.


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