Smashed (Full) Review

By , on December 17, 2009

Smashed (Full)
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4 out of 5


  • The game has a ton of levels to play through and lots of replay value.
  • The controls are simple to use.
  • The game’s 2.5D visuals look great.


  • Some of the game levels can be a bit of a tap-fest.
  • While the game boasts that it has a story, it’s not a great story.


If you enjoy destruction and physics based gameplay, and can get over the moderate game price, then Smashed is worth a look at.

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Smashed is a physics based game where players must demolish large structures and towers of crates as effectively as possible to rack up their highscore. The game also boasts an interesting story for players to work through, which is quite unusual for a physics game but certainly a welcomed addition.

Players begin their training in site demolition and are given instructions on how to destroy wooden crates and other objects. You destroy objects by tapping on them and earn extra points by using mid air or risky bonuses. The game starts off simple enough but the difficulty soon ramps up, as does the amount of objects that need clearing and the conditions of each job.

The game’s visuals are very well done and effectively mix 2D and 3D rendered graphics together seamlessly. The game’s sound is decent but can get a bit full on when smashing blocks constantly, and players don’t have the luxury to use their iPod during gameplay. The game has 7 game scenarios with around 9 levels each, and while there are no online leaderboards, players are free to repeat levels for new highscores or medals.

Smashed is a moderate title with a decent amount of game content available to players. You might be a little disappointed at first as some levels are a bit too easy and you can breeze through them by tapping madly but you will be challenged later on when the difficulty jumps up dramatically. But the gameplay is enjoyable and is one that fans of physics based games will enjoy.


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