Flick Golf Extreme! Review

By , on June 17, 2011

Flick Golf Extreme!
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4 out of 5


  • Intuitive controls; flick and swipe to victory.
  • Five unique and interesting locales; Retina supported visuals.
  • New '5 ball' mode; places a greater focus on chaining up hole-in-one's.


  • The most innovative level is used first; makes the other locations feel mundane.
  • No real evolution in the gameplay over the previous title.


Flick Golf never presented itself as a 'realistic' golfing title, so 'Extreme!' takes things to the next level by placing courses in locations that fit its over-the-top style.

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It's odd what you might consider 'missing' from a game until you're handed it on a plate. While Flick Golf by Full Fat is still a fun distraction, it's not terribly exciting. I hear you asking, 'But it's golf - what else did you expect?' - well, it seems that the latest incarnation of the series has answered this question. How about teeing off from a helicopter on to an aircraft carrier? How does that float your boat?

If you're not already familiar with 'flick' titles in general, the idea is to literally flick/swipe the screen in order to send a ball (or similar object) sailing through the air, overcoming wind and other obstacles in the process, to hopefully land in (or near) your goal. Flick Golf Extreme! applies this formula to the classic sport, awarding points for not only scoring 'holes in one', but also for curving the ball back and forth. Once you've flicked your ball you can swipe the screen to 'curve' your shot, straightening out potential misses. Swipes can be made after the ball hits the ground, making for some rather odd trick-shots, but you only get a handful of bounces before all control is taken out of your hands.

Those who have played the original title will recognize the World Tour mode that challenges players to three sets of three shots and different angles, vying for 'medals' to unlock new stages. Quickshot is also back, increasing the speed of the wind over time while moving the hole after each shot. '5 Ball' makes its debut in this release, with players only being given five balls to score as high as possible, though balls are retained if you score a hole-in-one.

Much like the original title, the locations are gorgeously rendered, though barring the first level most of the other stages are less 'extreme!' and more highly unusual. Sure, someone might look at you strangely if you chip a shot off a bridge in Italy or off the top of a highrise in Australia, but it feels like Full Fat kind of blew their best stuff right off the bat.

Other than the new locations and an interesting alternative mode, Flick Golf Extreme! doesn't take the game in a new direction or add any more depth to the experience. High-score junkies are less likely to be put off by such things and with Game Center support for achievements and high-scores (along with 'developer' scores to beat), it's possible to eat up a lot of your time.

Still, if you own the original there's far less incentive to dive in to this release, but if you've missed out, try to give this one a swing.


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