JellyCar 2 Review

By , on November 8, 2009

JellyCar 2
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5 out of 5


  • The game’s humorous visuals and sound give the game personality.
  • The game has plenty of game modes to play through.
  • Each level/game has online leaderboard options.


  • The gameplay can be confusing during your first play.
  • The game can be hard to control at times, especially when using the power-ups.


If you’re a fan of the first Jelly Car game then this is a no-brainer. The new modes and updated gameplay is a lot of fun and worth your time.

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Jelly Car 2 is the sequel to the widely popular Jelly Car. Like in the first game, players take control of a small squishy car and must drive through different levels as fast as they can. However, a number of new additions have been added giving players more variety in gameplay.

The controls are the same as the first; players control their car by touching either side of the screen to accelerate or reverse. You can also increase the size of your car for a short period of time by tapping on it. Players must also keep an eye out for the new power-ups including sticky wheels and balloon ability, which you’ll need to complete some levels.

The graph paper visuals look great and make for some memorable gameplay moments; like when your car is flattened and squeezed through a small gap. The comic sound also helps to make these moments a lot of fun. The game features a number of different modes to play through such as classic mode, factory mode, a long jump mode and a custom mode where players can edit their car or make their own levels.

Jelly Car 2 is a great play and a well developed sequel to the original. If you’re unfamiliar with the series however, you might want to try the first game for free to see if you'd enjoy the sequel. But Jelly Car 2 offers fans improved gameplay and manages to keep the various elements that made it a charming and enjoyable game in the first place.


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