Ursa Minor Review

By , on October 15, 2009

Ursa Minor
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4 out of 5


  • Good looking visuals, 3D mixed with hand-drawn.
  • Easy to use and responsive controls.


  • The gameplay can get quite repetitive.
  • The game only offers a local highscore board option, no online leaderboards.


Despite having a short life and some repetitive gameplay, Ursa Minor is an enjoyable game and the price is right for what’s available.

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Ursa Minor is an action adventure game where you take control of a bear, not so cleverly disguised as a bee in hopes of stealing some honey. You begin your raid on the bee hive and must steal as much honey as you can before game over; which occurs when you’re stung five times by the bees.

Players control the bear’s movement by tapping on him and dragging him across the iPhone screen. You will need to fly close enough to the bees without hitting them in order to collect the honey. If you hit a bee and are stung, you will need to pick up the tweezers scattered around to pull them out. Once you have filled your honey meter, you will enter a sugar rush mode and can charge through the bees for added points.

The presentation features both hand drawn and 3D visuals and the two meld together nicely. The soundtrack is certainly unusual, featuring a hip hop style track with squeaky bee noises mixed into it. The game features one main game mode and player must compete for the highest local score on the scoreboard.

Ursa Minor offers players some solid honey hunting gameplay but don’t go into this expecting anything else. The game tastes somewhat bitter-sweet in that the gameplay is enjoyable but after a short while you will be over-run by bees and level progression will come to a crawl. So while there’s some strong content here, don’t go in expecting hours of fresh, innovative gameplay.


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