Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered Review

By , on January 4, 2011

Broken Sword 2: Remastered
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4 out of 5


  • Exciting traditional adventure gameplay.
  • Minor graphical updates.
  • Easy to use control and hint system.
  • Universal iPhone/iPad support.


  • Not as polished as the first title.
  • Low difficulty level; puzzles are relatively linear in their design.


While 'The Smoking Mirror' may not feature the same level of polish and love that went in to its predecessor, it's still a great classic adventure game to curl up with.

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While classic adventure fans may not get much in the way of traditional point and click adventures for their iDevices, the few that do end up being released almost always feel like a special treat. Broken Sword has had a lasting legacy thanks to its incredible storyline and clever puzzles and now the sequel 'The Smoking Mirror' has been remastered for iOS devices.

However, don't let the name fool you; unlike the 'Director's Cut' of the first title, this release doesn't feature much in the way of new content and the graphics have been left relatively in-tact from the original. Thankfully the original game is still a beautiful and interesting title, so it's no great loss that things were left as-is, but it did dampen some of the enthusiasm of diving back in.

In this tale of mystery you'll play as George Stobbart and Nicole Collard as they track down the connection between a drug ring and ancient artifacts that people are willing to kill for. While it's a step apart from the usual plot revolving around the Templars, the story still takes a decidedly supernatural turn by the end.

Making your way through the game is made easy thanks to an object 'glow' system that highlights interactive elements as you drag your finger around the screen, however if you're ever stuck you can use the built in hint-system to guide you on your way. Also, the game features Dropbox integration, allowing you to transfer your progress between iDevices without hassle.

It's easy to feel privileged after the excellent update to the original Broken Sword title and 'The Smoking Mirror' certainly doesn't live up to its predecessor in this regard. However, adventure fans and those after a solid story-based puzzler will still love this relaunch of a classic title.


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