Peter und Vlad Review

By , on September 26, 2009

Peter und Vlad
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to use game controls allow anyone to play.
  • Leaderboard options for the main game mode via Agon.
  • The visuals are quite aesthetically pleasing and feature some nice detail.


  • No continue options; if you quit the application you will need to restart the game.
  • The gameplay is repetitive and doesn’t offer much variety in gameplay.


While there is some solid gameplay here, Peter und Vlad sticks to the ‘safe’ formula of line drawing games. This game may be worth the current price depending on your love of the genre.

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Peter und Vlad is the newest addition to the wide range of line drawing games for the iPhone. This time it is up to you to control Peter in his attempt to herd his sheep from the out of control weather machine your brother, Vlad, has invented. You will need to herd as many sheep as you can before the weather machine begins sucking them up otherwise you risk unleashing a tremendous storm upon your farm and town.

Like all line drawing games, players control Peter by tapping on him and dragging a path for him to follow. You can also pick up and eat different coloured mushrooms for different bonuses like speed or double points. But occasionally you will get a bad mushroom that will distort the screen and make movement quite difficult.

Bad mushroom trips aside, the visuals consist of the usual top down line drawing style but feature some finer elements of detail; such as when sheep slash through puddles. The sound is well done and features some spiffy European style music remixes. The game does offer two game modes, the main mode and a Zen mode, where you herd sheep with no score or giant evil weather machine chasing you.

Peter und Vlad is a solid line drawing game but one that doesn’t take any risks. Not to say that’s it’s a bad game; it just doesn’t offer any surprises that you might find in a different game, such as Lion Pride. But if you are a fan of the genre, then you may want to check out this game, even if it is for the crazy mushroom trip.


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