iPark It! - AddictingGames Review

By , on August 20, 2009

iPark It! - AddictingGames
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3 out of 5


  • Gameplay is very technical and quite challenging because of that.
  • Online leaderboard options are available to players.
  • Simple but effective control scheme.


  • There is only one main game mode and gameplay does not vary.


iPark It! is fun to try and master but the game content itself is still limited. Regardless, this game is worth the current price.

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iPark It! is a puzzle game where players must park a car correctly in a small blue area. Players must try and navigate a parking lot as fast as they can without hitting any walls or other obstacles in order to get the best park possible. The neater your park, the higher your score will be.

Players control their car by using the throttle switch to move forward and reverse and then rotating the steering wheel to steer. Players must use both effectively in order to drive and park as quickly as possible. As you progress further in the game, then you will need to use more complex moves to park the car, such as three point turns.

The visuals are average but do their job well. The sound isn’t anything standout and players are unable to use their iPod during gameplay. The game is single player only and features one main game mode. Players are also able to submit their highscores to the global leaderboards after the end of each game.

Upon first appearance, iPark It! seems like a mediocre concept for a game but it’s actually a decent title. The game is incredibly challenging and requires steady control in order to get the highest score possible. While there isn’t too much here in the way of gameplay, it’s still a surprisingly fun title and may be worth a look at if you enjoy more technical games.


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