The Impossible Test Review

By , on August 15, 2009

The Impossible Test - Fun Free Trivia Game
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3 out of 5


  • Very difficult puzzle game.
  • Online leaderboard options and achievements.


  • Once the game is finished, there’s almost nothing left to do.


Mindblender Quiz is a hard and fun game to complete, but once you do, you’ll run out of options. However, for its current price it’s still a worthwhile game to buy.

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Mindblender Quiz is a puzzle game where player must solve a number of trick questions as fast as they can without running out of lives. There are a number of different stages, each getting harder in difficulty and players can make 8 mistakes before they must restart the game.

You play the game by tapping on the various answers or correct objects. Occasionally, you will need to use a specific action to solve a puzzle such as sawing wood by moving your finger back and forth or shaking and tilting different levels. These controls help to mix up gameplay as well as keep players constantly thinking.

The visuals are simple and do their job. The sound is good, but there is no option for players to use their iPod during gameplay. The game is single player only but players can upload highscores and track achievements online via OpenFeint.

Mindblender Quiz is a good play and appeals to fans of ‘impossible quiz’ type games. The puzzles are hard, requiring you to think outside the box and the controls are simple allowing anyone to attempt the quiz. But once players figure out all of the puzzles, there is nothing left to do but repeat the same questions for a faster time. This really leaves the game feeling anti-climactic and stale once completed. But if you’re looking for a short term and challenging game, then try Mindblender Quiz.


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