MW Classic by Zynga Review

By , on July 1, 2009

MW Classic by Zynga
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4 out of 5


  • Incredibly addictive gameplay at your fingertips.
  • Simple game interface makes navigation easy.
  • Real time gameplay makes this more than a single play game.


  • Any stats and profiles from the Facebook version cannot be transferred to the iPhone application; players will have to start from scratch.
  • More of a ‘long term’ game and requires some serious attention.


Mafia Wars for the iPhone will not disappoint fans of the original and is well worth taking a look at.

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If you ever played the incredibly popular Facebook application Mafia Wars, then rejoice in this new port for the iPhone. The game play is the same as you remember it but with a few extra inclusions and easier access. Players must create their own mobster profile and rise up the ranks by taking on criminal jobs and fighting other mobsters.

Players make their game choices by tapping on the screen and are all stat based. For example, if you choose to fight another mobster, you will win or lose based on your attack, defence and other stats against his stats. The gameplay is quite simple but the fun lies in taking on new jobs, upgrading your character and increasing your criminal empire.

.The visuals are a bit basic but still the animation is very smooth. The sound is also a somewhat limited and players cannot use their iPod during gameplay but the comical voice acting whenever you complete a criminal job is a lot of fun. The game is single player only but friends can be added to increase your mob family size and help your stats as well as theirs.

Mafia Wars is a game for fans of the original Facebook application or those who enjoy real time iPhone games. The gameplay is addictive and very user friendly; but at times can seem a bit repetitive. The game can be enjoyed without paying for extra Godfather points but players can purchase them if they want an advantage. If you think this is a game you’ll play only once, Forgetaboutit!


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