Necromancer Rising Review

By , on February 1, 2010

Necromancer Rising
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2 out of 5


  • Great in-game atmosphere.
  • Large game life – 50 levels and 49 bosses.


  • Weak, blocky 3D visuals
  • Poor sound quality and design.
  • The game’s quite slow and clunky to play.


Even if you’re a huge RPG fan, the stiff controls, weak and often ugly visuals and over the top sound just doesn’t warrant the game's hefty price.

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Necromancer Rising is a dark tale of magic, mystery and all the other macabre goodies you’d expect to find in an RPG. The corpse of your wife and child have been snatched from the local graveyard by an evil necromancer for his undead army, so now it’s up to you to delve underground in pursuit.

Players must collect quests and enter dungeons in order to gain experience, better items and further your progress. Your character will be controlled by the two d-pads on the screen and attacks, magic and blocks are all used by the appropriate on screen buttons. The controls are straightforward but unfortunately seem a bit clunky and slow, making the gameplay a bit stilted.

While the game’s 3D visuals set up a great deal of atmosphere, the can be a bit crude at the best of times. The sound also helps to play a part in the game's ghoulish tone but there are far too many scary sound effects constantly looped in dungeons. Like most RPGs the game is single player only.

Necromancer Rising sets up for an exciting Oblivion-esque first person RPG, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite deliver. The gameplay feels very unnatural and stiff, often reminding players that they are playing a game. There is a hefty story here to play through, but until some more work is done to it, the game remains to be a pricey and lacking experience that you might want to avoid.


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