Tall Bike Joust Review

By , on February 1, 2010

Tall Bike Joust
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4 out of 5


  • iPod access available to players.
  • Very unique and fresh game concept.


  • There is a minor learning curve in the controls.
  • The actual game music tracks aren’t the best quality.
  • No online leaderboard access available.


You get to smash people off bikes with a long makeshift joust… what’s not to like?

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Just when you thought you’d seen all the extreme, underground sports around, along comes Tall Bike Joust to knock you off your high horse… or bike. Yes, the medieval spectacle of jousting has been given a modern century reboot and is now ready to play on your iPhone. Players create a character, assign different attributes and enter various tournaments to see who the dominant Jouster is.

Players control their bike’s speed by cycling with their fingers on either side of the screen and aim at their opponents by tilting the iPhone. Once players see a blue circle appear, they must tap on it to complete their shot. Based on how long you held off your shot and where you aimed will determine if you knock your opponent clean off his bike or not. While the controls seem pretty straightforward, they are a bit involved and take a little time to master.

The 3D graphics are very well done and the game’s motion capture technology looks great. The game’s soundtrack is a bit lacking but players are free to use their iPod instead. The game features one main career mode where they can fight their way through the ranks to become the best, but there are no online leaderboard options available.

Tall Bike Joust is a surprising little title that will captivate players, regardless of whether they’re into BMX style games or not. The concept is unique, the gameplay is enjoyable and while there is a slight learning curve for the controls, it’s simple to play and one to definitely check out.


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