By , on February 2, 2010

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2 out of 5


  • Good soundtrack.
  • Graphics are not bad.


  • Lack of content.
  • Bad controls.
  • No multiplayer.


A lack of content and a bad control scheme will leave most people wondering what happened to the glorious Riiiidge Racer!

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Riiidge Racer! Who could forget that beckoning call in the arcades? Ridge Racer has finally hit the iPhone but unfortunately, this one is something to steer clear of. The usual game modes are on offer, Arcade, Duel and Survival. Arcade is a basic race, Duel pits you against another car, and Survival is exactly as it sounds, with the last place car being eliminated each lap.

Controls are limited to tilt steering, and is one of the worst implementations this reviewer has seen. They just don't feel tight enough for accurate controls, and the wild swinging of the camera is very offputting. You can choose between auto or manual acceleration and shifting, though you may want to stick to auto until you get the hang of the controls, namely drifting. Drifting has always been vital to Ridge Racer and you will be hard pressed to keep control while maintaining a decent speed.

The graphics are good looking but fail to give the impression of blinding speed.  You may be told you are screaming along at top speed but it feels like you are on a Sunday drive. The pumping soundtrack gives some decent moments, but the sound of the engine lacks power.

There is no multiplayer aspect to speak of, and the game comes with 18 cars and 2 tracks, which can be raced backwards. You can purchase additional tracks and cars, but it would have been nice to get them in the first place. Overall this is a disappointing title and even hardcore fans will be turned off.


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