Battle Blasters Review

By , on February 3, 2010

Battle Blasters
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3 out of 5


  • Nice clean graphics and sound.
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Deeper than it seems.


  • No online mulitplayer yet.
  • Controls a little fiddly.


Fans of local multiplayer games or futuristic battle games will love this. Easy to recommend.

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Battle Blasters is a futuristic combat sport which pits ruthless warriors against each other in a fight for survival, all for the entertainment of the veiwing audience. Players take up position at the top and bottom of the screen and must annihalate the opponent using projectile attacks and shields for defense.

Players use the touch screen for all movement and attack moves, and for the most they are quite intuitive. Tap in your area of play to move around and avoid attacks, swipe at your enemy to launch a powerful slow shot or swipe faster to fire a quick attack. Powerful shots are able to absorb the fast ones, and they can also be reflected back. Each character also has a unique ability, activated by tapping on them. These range from throwing knives to double shots and give some depth to the battles.

The game is nicely presented with cartoonish 2D visuals which quickly fill the screen with all the blasts and beams from the barrels of the guns. The music and sound effects fit well with the theme of the game too, and do not become dull quickly.

The campaign mode consists of six to seven levels, with more characters unlocked each time you beat it. While not too challenging on easy, playing on hard can put your skills to the test. The local multiplayer is a little too awkward with two people using the same screen, and there has been no bluetooth online features implemented, which is a shame. Overall Battle Blasters is a fun little timewaster that shows promise if updated properly.


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