Re-Volt Classic Review

By , on October 10, 2012

Re-Volt Classic
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3 out of 5


  • Bursting with all the content of the 1999 original title.
  • Fun and creative racing tracks to explore and master; comparable to Micro Machines in 3D.


  • Outdated, slippery physics could have been overhauled; replicates the feel of extremely light-weight vehicles, but makes for a horrendously touchy racer.
  • Sharper resolution only highlights the starkness of the level design.


Re-Volt Classic brings with it a mixed bag of emotions - nostalgic fans will no doubt enjoy the game's mostly faithful replication of the classic game, however those who are trying the game out for the first time may be put off by the stock-standard, and mostly outdated 'Kart' gameplay and physics.

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Not everything is better the second time around - sure we can point to the many 'Karting' titles of the 90s, including greats like the Micro Machines series, but it's 2012 and you'd hope the formula would have changed by now. Re-Volt was, for its time, a fun and frantic 3D racer with a toy's-eye-view of the world, but with little changed since its release the title feels like it hasn't fared well over time.

After picking from the initial set of unlocked vehicles the player is able to choose from the unlocked levels, competing for places and collecting hidden stars in the process. It's a basic formula - one that's made all the more familiar thanks to a familiar set of randomized power-ups that can be used against other players. Should you place high enough you'll be able to unlock stages in reversed and mirror flavors, as well as new cars and tracks too.

Unfortunately, what may have been considered adrenaline pumping, speedy racing back in the day feels anything but now. Sharper resolutions bring the world in the stark focus, highlighting the emptiness of its huge stages (be it in a Grocery Store, a Ghost Town or even a Museum). Despite this, the stages are still very clever in their design, with winding pathways blocked with giant objects and more than a few hidden areas to exploit.

Getting to them may not be as easy though thanks to virtual controls that feel stiff. This becomes all the more frustrating as the game makes use of very 'light' physics for the toy-like vehicles, making every bump and scrape nearly disastrous at high speeds.

If anything Re-Volt Classic feels like a missed opportunity to bump the series in to the modern era, complete with stages bursting with life; controls unique to the iOS platform; and weightier physics to add more of a competitive edge to proceedings.

Fans of Re-Volt will find just about everything from the original packed in to the iOS version (minus the multiplayer), which is certainly good for them. For everyone else it's a competent 3D racer, but the App Store isn't lacking for shinier and more varied alternatives, be it in the Arcade or Karting flavors.


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