Buster Red Review

By , on February 3, 2010

Buster Red
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3 out of 5


  • Easy to pick up and play.


  • Too simple, no longevity.


As far as arcade shoot'em'ups go, Buster Red does the job in a very simple fashion, however there are better alternatives available.

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Buster Red is a simple, top down arcade style space shooter in which you advance through levels by simply shooting through the many waves of enemies that fly onto the screen.

You control your ship by  dragging your finger around the screen to move whilst avoiding enemies and enemy fire. To save you from RSI, your ship is constantly firing so you need only drag it to the appropriate places on the screen to shoot the waves of enemies. The game offers early powerups to give you maximum firepower from the get-go, although with no variation in the weapons, this feature feels almost unnecessary.

The game's visuals are very simple with crudely drawn scrolling backgrounds offering no real sense of place which is not aided by the fact that the enemies take on no real identifiable form either. However, due to the nature of the game and the fast paced shooting, this isn't a terrible detriment to the gameplay. Audio is very basic and without any options within the game, the music will simply disappear if you're listening to your iPod.

Buster Red is connected to the OpenFeint network allowing you to record high scores for comparison, but with only 10 levels and shallow gameplay, you may find that the game gets old quickly and lacks replay value. For a quick, pick up and play shoot em up, it serves its purpose, however there are plenty of better options available.


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