Anrufen Online Review

By , on February 4, 2010

Anrufen Online
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3 out of 5


  • Many hours of gameplay to be had
  • Easy to navigate menus.
  • Large and friendly playerbase.
  • Grinding.


  • Subscription fee a little steep.
  • Not a casual game.
  • Occassional control frustration.
  • Grinding.


Anrufen does a decent job of bringing this genre to the iPhone and is worth checking out for those who like to grind. Casual players may not enjoy it.

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There have been plenty of people craving a MMORPG on the iPhone, and Anrufen just might scratch that itch. The land of Saint Dragon is under attack by the forces of evil, and it is time for players to team up and fight back. Anrufen attempts to bring the addictive mentality of its PC predecessors, and it does a decent job of it.

Anyone familiar with this type of game knows what to expect. After choosing your class, either warrior or wizard, players embark on a journey with thousands of other players in the game world to grind their way to a more powerful persona. There are two control schemes for movement, an on screen joystick or touch based, with most other controls achieved by tapping to attack enemies or icons to access different menus. While not optimised for the iPhone they still get the job done.

The game is presented in an isometric view with sprites, similar to Diablo. They are functional for the most part, albeit not exactly pretty. Sounds and music are well done and fit the setting, but there is an option to use your iPod if you choose.

The game is free to download but has a limited amount of areas you can visit. You can subscribe and get the full game at $12.99 for 90 days. There are 30+ areas to explore with a variety of enemies, least of all being other players. The game has traditional RPG gameplay, and you can team up with, or try to destroy other players. Fans of this style of game will love it, but you should at least try the free version.


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