Flaboo! Review

By , on February 4, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Easy to pickup, hard to master gameplay.
  • Cute graphics, great special effects and solid soundtrack.
  • Plenty of amusing quotes to find.


  • One mistake can quickly end a great run.


With Flaboo's addictive gameplay you'll want to be sure you've finished up any other games on your plate before picking up this one up.

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Every now and then a game comes along that just hits all of your buttons and sucks you right in. Flaboo! by Fluttermind is a new endless gameplay style game that is cute, addictive and most worryingly of all a danger to any amount of spare time you have.

Initially Flaboo can be compared to games like Doodle Jump and requires you to bounce your fat chick higher and higher up a series of clouds. Here's where the similarities end as the game combines complex gameplay to keep you constantly on your toes. Touching the screen bounces your chick higher and gives you some additional air-time if it's needed. Unlocked powerups will require you to shake, tap or tilt your way higher up and respond smoothly.

The artwork is simple and cartoony, but blends in great special effects and filters to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting. Collecting keys allows you to unlock additional powerups including addtional time, balloon rides or a rocket boost. There are no real enemies in the game, but obstacles will make it harder for you to beat your record heights before the time runs out. Open Feint is supported for additional challenges and awards.

Flaboo represents the fun, creative and challenging gameplay that casual and challenge oriented gamers should expect from the App Store. Whether you're young or old at heart this is a great buy that you'll find irresistably fun and emminently replayable.


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