Tehra Dark Warrior Review

By , on February 11, 2010

Tehra Dark Warrior
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3 out of 5


  • Epic sound track.
  • Large varied 3D environments.
  • Plenty of upgrades for Tehra.


  • Combat feels clunky and results in unnecessary damage taken.
  • No clear objectives at times.


Just like Tehra's split personality, Dark Warrior may bring out the best or the worst in you while playing this game. This is one for fans of the genre.

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The action adventure hack and slash has been tried many times already for the touch device and has been received with mixed results. While some echo the gameplay of games from home consoles, others have tried their own route to succeeding on a mobile platform. Tehra Dark Warrior by Stormbasic is a sometimes surprising, but ultimately average hack and slasher that doesn't quite manage to excite.

Tehra uses a virtual analogue stick with buttons for the attack, block and magic controls. The titular heroine Tehra is responsive, but attacking is another problem altogether. Despite the use of simple button-mashing combinations, enemies are prone to becoming temporarily invincible while in the middle of an animation such as falling, or worse still Tehra will, seemingly with no reason at all attack thin air instead of the foe you're aiming at.

The game is set in a 3D third-person perspective and has fairly reasonable artwork, though heavy texture compression has taken its toll and much of the environment is fairly washed out. Levels aren't always linear, which is a great change from other titles, but with the fixed camera it's likely you may not even realize where your next objective is with the path out of sight.

Tehra Dark Warrior is a game for action fans who are starved for more content. While the game is playable, the flaws are just too evident to truly fall in love with it.


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