Broken Sword: Director's Cut Review

By , on February 8, 2010

Broken Sword 1: Director's Cut
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5 out of 5


  • Great looking visual presentation.
  • Excellent touch screen controls.
  • Challenging puzzle gameplay.


  • Using the hint menu can make things a bit too easy.
  • Players have to manually save progress as the auto-save function isn’t the greatest.


This classic murder mystery adventure has undergone a facelift in visuals, sound, and interface while keeping the excellent story and gameplay intact.

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With the iPhone’s embrace of the classic point and click adventure genre, more and more ports of old franchises have come into development. The latest addition to the iTunes store is Broken Sword: Directors Cut, originally released on PC in 1996. You take control of French Journalist, Nico and American Tourist, George as they must unravel and uncover a long trail of deception, murder and mystery.

While some point and click adventure games have had some minor control faults on the iPhone platform, Broken Sword has effectively fixed these issues. By holding your finger on the screen, all interactive objects are highlighted and can be approached by tapping on them. The point and click mechanics work great and make the game itself very easy to play.

Visually the game looks amazing, and has been revamped with fluid cut scenes and animations. The sound is also terrific, boasting new voice over work along with atmospheric music and sounds effects. The game remains to be a single player only experience, as you progress through the main story mode.

For fans of the original or of the point and click adventure genre itself, Broken Sword: Directors cut is a must own game. The gameplay is challenging, the presentation looks fantastic and most importantly, the iPhone’s touch screen controls actually work! All in all, Broken Sword is the total single player package and well worth a look at, even if you’re new to the genre.


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