Durak Review

By , on February 10, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Quick, friendly tutorial for new players.
  • Online and local multiplayer options.
  • Clean interface and easy to use controls.


  • Playing with multiple opponents isn't demonstrated well.


Even though the last person left holding cards is the Durak (or "Fool") card game lovers certainly won't feel stupid for trying out this great card game.

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Card games are often hard to represent accurately in video games. Sure, the rules are easy enough to replicate, but it's so hard to replace the feel of playing a game with real cards and real people. Durak by Lost Token does a great job of making a virtual card game feel realistic and even gives you the ability to play with real opponents.

For those that aren't aware of the game, Durak is a card shedding style of play that uses trick-taking rules to establish who wins or loses a round and is popular in the post-Soviet states. In order to convey the fairly simple set of rules that define Durak the app uses double taps to signify passes or round ends and drags to organise and place cards. All other movements are automated to speed up games.

Durak goes for class with its rich, warm wood-grain table and simple gold etched interface. The game itself is 3D and uses textured cards that fluidly shift around the playing field. As a bonus you can customise your cards in the settings with images from your touch device's camera roll. Gameplay can be set to anything from one to three AI opponents, but things get really fun when you pit yourself against other people online.

Card games that have lasted the test of time, much like classic arcade games have already proven just how fun they can be so when they're remade for the App Store it's the execution of these games that's put to the test. Durak is a great app that shows just why this game is so popular and a great addition to your collection.


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