Stair Dismount Universal Review

By , on February 12, 2010

Stair Dismount®
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3 out of 5


  • Bone crunching sounds.
  • Ability to take, as well as use, photos within the game.


  • Limited scenarios.
  • Lack of depth.


Stair Dismount is a game for those who like gimmicks and the idea of pushing a ragdoll down stairs for maximum points.

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Pushing someone down a flight of stairs is dangerous and not recommended. In the case of Stair Dismount, it's not only acceptable, it's your objective. The more bones you break and injuries you cause, the more points you score. Of course it's only a dummy, so don't try this at home.

The controls are fairly straight forward: position an arrow on the dummy as your "push zone" and then click the large button when the meter reaches the strength you want to use. This will send your ragdoll physics based test dummy on his merry descent into broken bones and split skulls.

The game's visuals are very basic 3D and often there are issues with collision detection such as limbs getting caught in stairs which prevents further movement of the dummy. The sound is also very basic and with a limited number of "objects" to hurl your dummy off, the game seems very gimmicky with not much depth or gameplay elements.

Stair Dismount features online leaderboards through the OpenFeint network so you can rank your scores against others. You can also customize the dummy's face with a personal photo of someone you'd like to push down stairs if you're so inclined (pardon the pun).

All told, Stair Dismount is very much a gimmicky game that lacks any depth or real challenge. Unless you're into bone crunching sounds and repetitive falling, this game may not have enough to keep you playing.


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