Blue Skies 3GS Review

By , on February 15, 2010

Blue Skies 3GS
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3 out of 5


  • Well thought out and responsive controls.
  • Visuals are nice.


  • Boring and repetitive gameplay.


Blue Skies looks and controls nice, but something is missing in regards to the gameplay. Try the lite version and see what you think.

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Since the 3GS came out last year, not many games have required its use, most likely due to the fact that many iphone customers have earlier models. Chris Egerter found a solution by creating a graphical update for his game Blue Skies to take advantage of 3GS graphical features. As a new recruit at Blue Skies Air Force Academy, you learn to fly a helicopter and engage in battle with both air and ground forces.

You control your aircraft via tilting your iphone in the direction you wish to fly. You can touch the sides of the screen to strafe, and each bottom corner fires either your missles or bombs. The controls all respond well. Upon destroying an enemy, they leave behind either health, gas, or money. Landing in the middle of a mission refills your health and gas, but you can use your accumulated wealth to upgrade your helicopter as well.

Graphically the game sports some nice lighting effects and is reminiscent of the Strike games from the 90s. The sound effects are ok but the music is a highlight with a collection of different rock and techno tracks to back you up in flying around. Alongside the main campaign, there is an arcade mode and a random level generator to keep you flying for a while.

A lot of effort has gone into Blue Skies, but this doesn't excuse the gameplay being rather boring. The enemies don't offer much resistance and the levels don't offer any real variation. You may get some enjoyment out of this title, but you should probably try the lite version first.


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