Golden Vault Slots Review

By , on February 19, 2010

Golden Vault Slots
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2 out of 5


  • Upbeat music.
  • Colorful presentation.


  • Wins seem lower than previous games from Pokie Magic.


While Golden Vault Slots isn't the strongest game that Pokie Magic has put out for the iPhone, it's still a perfect adaption of a slot machine for a hand-held devise.

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Golden Vault Slots is yet another addition to Pokie Magic's collection of slot-machine games available for the App Store. But does the energetic opening music and images of golden vaults promise more than it can give?

Like all Pokie Magic games the slot machine is driven by touch controls and sports an automatic play button if you're feeling a bit lazy. The special feature mode of the game requires a nimble hand and mind as you attempt to align locks to open the activated bonus vault. The gameplay is exactly what you'd find with an electronic slot machine at a casino and different pay levels are available to give the game a more realistic feel.

The graphics are bright and attractive as you'd expect, but the art style is fairly generic compared to Pokie Magic's more flamboyant titles. In this reviewer's opinion, the "wins" are lower than previous games at the same level and activating the bonus modes borders on truly rare.

As a slot machine Golden Vault Slots is a fairly average entry in an increasingly cluttered genre. Not a lot is added or stands out with this game, but as always it's still a solid game for slot fans or for a casual spin.


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