Araxium Review

By , on February 21, 2010

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2 out of 5


  • Decent graphic design and special effect ideas.
  • Somewhat interesting endless match gameplay.


  • Everything feels unfinished including the interface, the gameplay and even the lack of sound effects or music.


Araxium is an endless gem matching puzzle game that needs more time to bloom before it becomes a serious purchase.

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Araxium is Kijomagi Day's first major game for the App Store and with its colorful style and unique game concept it could have been a major hit. Sadly what could have been a great idea is hampered by incomplete gameplay.

The idea is simple, each level requires a specific color pattern to be made with gems that appear in the center of the game's grid. Touching a location will sling the gem into place. All patterns seem to be horizontal and a specific amount of matches is required to complete a level, but multiple matches can be made to save time.

Visually the game is interesting and a lot of time has been spent on keeping the interface clean and the gems shiny. Sadly little other concessions to gameplay are made with no option to end a game in progress outside quitting the app altogether. Incoming gems seem to be completely random, but with no specific obstacles all incorrect gems are merely placed anywhere else until a needed gem appears. iPod music is supported, but that would have to be expected as the game features only two sounds and no background music of its own.

Araxium is a game that hasn't quite been finished. There's a potentially interesting endless game in this App, but for now you'd be better off waiting to see if a future update brings it to life.


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