Flight Control HD iPad Review

By , on April 13, 2010

Flight Control HD
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4 out of 5


  • Easier to draw and manage than ever.
  • Fun anaglyphic 3D map to try.
  • Lots of levels with some gameplay twists.


  • Not quite different enough to jump up from the iPhone version.


Where larger fingers or unsteady hands may have had a disadvantage before, Flight Control HD provides a much smoother experience that's bright and addictive to enjoy.

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If you've not played Flight Control by Firemint, then you might be missing out on a neat product that helped to define how line-drawing management games should feel. Thanks to the larger screen of the iPad, mastering this management game couldn't be easier and there's even a few new features to keep things interesting.

For those not familiar with the gameplay, Flight Control throws you in the place of a air-traffic controller with several landing strips to manage. As aircraft enter the screen all you have to do is touch and draw a path to the correct runway. Collisions need to be avoided, but a warning system will keep you aware of any potential accidents. The larger screen makes managing and drawing the paths much easier than the iPhone version, reducing the game's overall difficulty.

The artwork hasn't undergone much of a change, but Firemint has given the simple cartoon style a high resolution overhaul and looks incredibly smooth on the iPad's display. For those riding the current trend of 3D media, one of the levels is given a blue-red anaglyphic remake and is fun to try. Full music playlist support is available if you're not interested in the relaxed jazzy themes.

Casual gamers will love the simple, rewarding gameplay while hardcore fans can ramp up the difficulty to provide a real challenge. Flight Control HD for the iPad doesn't bring a whole lot more to enjoy than its iPhone sibling, but for those who are yet to experience the game this is definitely the penultimate version to enjoy.


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