FastBall 2 Review

By , on June 23, 2010

FastBall 2
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4 out of 5


  • Fun, simple platforming challenge.
  • Two great themes with amazing synth background tracks.


  • Frustrating collision detection.
  • Strange glitches including bouncing off 'stars'.


Fans of challenging platformers will enjoy ramping up FastBall 2 to the hardest level, but the patience of even the most saintly of individuals will be tested once you're facing the 10th death in a row for hitting 'nothing'.

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FastBall 2 is the sequel to Klik! Games first App Store title, FastBall and features a handful of great improvements that make this a title worth grabbing if you're a fan of titles like The Impossible Game.

Why would you need to be a fan of The Impossible Game? Well, after the first few levels, each bite-sized area becomes a non-stop platforming challenge that tests your timing to avoid pitfalls and obstacles on your way to the exit. New features such as super-jump tiles and speed-up signs add more variety and will test your ability to remain calm in dealing with frustrating combinations of each possible hazard.

There are two themes to choose from (futuristic and cartoonish), each with their own unique synth tracks to enjoy and it'd be even better if there were more tracks to enjoy as even the best of tunes can start to get annoying after a full playthrough. The biggest flaw with FastBall 2 is its rather strict collision detection that punishes players even if they've cleared an obstacle. Lowering the difficulty can get you past harder stages and for those who have really hit 'the wall' a skip token is provided after every fifth level. One feature that's missing from the original is its endless endurance mode which would have been a great kicker to add with more social features.

With a few tweaks FastBall 2 could easily absorb players from beginning to end, however this is definitely a title for patient gamers with a long fuse. Fun, but it may not be to everyone's tastes.


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