Ozone Review

By , on April 23, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Relaxing puzzle maze gameplay.
  • Beautiful musical sound-scape.
  • High quality 3D design.


  • Too slow paced for some gamers.


Ozone is an experience worth trying, with its simple and relaxing maze gameplay that is fun to enjoy while you take in the game's atmospheric environments.

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Developer Geardome asks their customers, "Can a game be a piece of art?". The debate over this may rage on in tiny pockets of the internet (and in some cases in mainstream media), but truthfully 'Ozone' by Geardome skirts awfully close to art and delivers an experience that's complex and dazzling in its execution.

Your orb is pushed around the game's various mazes by touching a direction on the virtual d-pad. This releases a small portion of your remaining gas, which in turn shrinks your orb. Momentum is key to maneuvering, allowing you to softly push in one direction, bouncing off walls as needed to continue your journey. Yellow orbs need to be collected to complete the maze while enemies, locked pathways and various obstacles will challenge you to survive with your gas meter intact.

Patience will be needed in abundance to complete later levels as you attempt to manage your gas as efficiently as possible. Thankfully Ozone is spectacular to behold, with 3D graphics that are smooth and level designs that are meticulous in their detail. The music is lusciously soft and is complimented by sound effects that ring and sparkle to create a beautiful cacophony for the ears.

The slow pacing may put off the hardcore crowd, but Ozone is all about enjoying the moment. This may not be the iPhone's equivalent of 'Flower' for the PS3, but the experience is equally as relaxing and a challenge worth tackling for any casual gamer to enjoy.


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