PAC-Match Party Review

By , on July 16, 2010

PAC-Match Party
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3 out of 5


  • An interesting new direction for the iconic PAC-MAN.
  • Simple three-match gameplay style.


  • Matches hard to identify.
  • Some levels can drag on for far too long.


It's easy to be lost in the crowd of three-match titles already available and PAC-Match Party really needed something better to celebrate this ghost-munching pop-culture icon.

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Those who remember Google's recent logo-replacement might be aware that PAC-MAN has hit its 30th anniversary and the pop-culture icon has been popping up everywhere. In the latest of PAC-related titles for the App Store, Namco have released a new three-match title, PAC-Match Party to celebrate the event.

By now most people should be familiar with the basic controls for three-match titles and PAC-Match does very little to change things up. Various icons representing the various fruits and ghosts from the arcade title flood the screen and must be matched in groups of three or more in vertical or horizontal lines to score. Gift boxes can also be matched, releasing various power-ups that can be dragged on to the the screen to clear large areas and PAC-MAN himself can also join in on the fun, munching his way through the screen. For those after a change, the screen can be rotated and the gravity will change accordingly.

PAC-Match Party is a bit of a visual mess, with a broad pink and blue palette that's further complicated by items that clash and make it harder than necessary to find matches. To counter this, the game will very quickly point out valid matches if one isn't found within 1-2 seconds of the previous one.

For his 30th birthday PAC-MAN certainly deserves better than this, especially when a free Flash version is available online and provides even more variety. For a three-match title it's a basic affair, but if it was a real party you'd have ducked out after the first toast.


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