Freaking Inkies Review

By , on April 28, 2010

Freaking Inkies
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5 out of 5


  • Accurate tilt-based shooting.
  • Plenty of varied game modes.
  • Cute, bright cartoon animations.


  • No background iTunes support.


Freaking Inkies is good, simple, messy fun that will keep you coming back for more thanks to its easy to master controls and wonderful variation of gameplay.

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Colorful inky blobs have invaded your library and they're ruining your classics from music tabs to your secret stash of comic books, but what can you do? Freaking Inkies by Atakama Labs lets you fight back against the inky-scourge by shooting down each blob in this unique and extremely addictive title.

Inkies uses a combination of tilt controls and buttons placed on the edge of the screen to fire colored blobs at your foes. The tilt controls are amazingly accurate and smooth, rivaled only by games like Tilt to Live. In order to destroy the ink that's invading your library you must fire colored blobs that match their color. Combinations of primary colors provide you with the ability to switch between primary and secondary colored enemies, while holding down on the controls will super-charge a shot for multiple enemies.

But it's not all just about squishing Inkies, with a surprising amount of variations on the gameplay including 'defend the flag', 'zombies!', a slot-machine game and even Inkies that will defend each other from your wrath. The game is bright and features plenty of cute animations and alternative costumes depending on the game being played.

Freaking Inkies is an insanely addictive action arcade shooter that will keep surprising you with just how fun each mode can be. With hundreds of levels to play through this is an easy game to recommend for any casual gamer.


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