Plunderland Review

By , on July 23, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Simple physics-based playground gameplay.
  • Piratey objectives and dastardly denizens to destroy.
  • Fun, effective ragdoll animation style.


  • Cannon aiming can get squirrely.


Let your inner madman have his release and set him loose in the world of Plunderland, where monsters roam and pirates are free to blow up everything in their path.

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Robbing the high-seas and fighting your way through blockades all in the name of booty is the pirate's dream. You'll have more than your share of both as you plunge in to Plunderland by Johnny Two Shoes and more to boot; set sail for madcap fun as you follow your ghastly ghost captain in to the deadly deeps.

Players can take control of their crew through various means, tilting their device to sail back and forth or touching the screen to unleash your ghostly powers. Dragging your finger back from the boat also activates your cannons, however this can sometimes get tricky as your aim will drastically shift while your boat is in motion. On your travels you'll not only have the opportunity to sink enemy ships, but you'll be able to hassle locals and ransack their islands for precious doubloons.

All of this is played out in a physics wonderland where the waves push your boat back and forth and enemies can be flung around to quickly and safely dispose of them. The art style is fantastically simple and uses a ragdoll style of animation that's fun to watch, so despite the more gruesome moments there's always a bit of silliness to enjoy.

Plunderland is a simple joy to experience even despite the forced time-sinks that will require some repeated play to earn enough cash for upgrades. It's hard not to crack a bit of a smile while fending off a large fleet as a shark attempts to eat your crew and that's what Plunderland is truly about, letting the zany unpredictable fun take over and enjoying the ride; worth checking out.


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